July 9 – Change of Scenery

Besides sports photography, I enjoy shooting other subjects to keep my creative juices flowing. Otherwise I think I would burn out covering only sports. Two of my favorite genres of photography other than sports are wildlife and landscape. Lately I haven’t had much time to do either. I would prefer to jump in my Jeep and head for the hills to capture sunrises and sunsets as well as stock some of my favorite animals, but due to my schedule this rarely happens.

But I am lucky enough that I only live a few miles from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle where I am a season pass holder. When I have some free time on a day off or even before a sports assignment, I like to escape to the zoo and photograph the animals. One of my favorite animals to photograph are the wolves. Unfortunately, they are usually pretty lazy and not moving around much. However, a few weeks ago on a drizzly, warm, muggy day, they were finally active!

Below are a couple of my favorite photos from that day. Enjoy!


Dec 28, 2011 – Photo of the Day – No Shooting!

Today’s photo of the day was taken this past Monday while out exploring the wilderness area near Ellensburg,WA with my father. When you shoot 99% sports photography like me, it’s always good to get out and photograph something different to keep you from buying out. And spending time with family is always a plus. In 2012, my plan is to get out more and photograph this beautiful state that I live in.