Mariners vs Astros – May 22nd, 2014

This MLB baseball season seems like it’s flying by! Before too long, it will be the All-Star break and then the playoffs!

Observing the Seattle Mariners over the past few years while photographing the games, I haven’t noticed the players having as much fun as they are now. Not sure if it’s the presence of a new manager or the red hot Robinson Cano taking over the leadership role, but from what I have seen from my seat in the ball park, the boys are having fun.

Although as I type this, the team is only one game above .500, I get the feeling that the Mariners are about to explode and go on a major hot streak!

Now back to my post. I covered the Mariners vs Astros on May 22nd. Below are a few of my favorite photos from a pretty slow (not much offense) game. Enjoy.










The last photo (below) is a look at my editing setup during a game. I have a laptop plate mounted on a tripod as my desk. A USB 3.0 card reader mounted under the laptop plate via velcro and plugged into my machine, a MacBook Pro Retina 15″. If you have any question of my process during a game, drop a comment below. 

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