Sounders FC vs Real Salt Lake – May 31st, 2014

I am writing this a few days late, as I didn’t have time to post up the blog before flying to Vegas for a short vacation. So as I type this, I am in the air on the way home from my short, but relaxing trip (I didn’t win any money if you are wondering).

So back to the good stuff. The Saturday before flying out of Seattle, I photographed two games. First the Sounders FC vs Real Salt Lake (MLS) and the Mariner vs Detroit Tigers (MLB).


Coming into today’s MLS game between the Sounders and RSL (short for Real Salt Lake), both teams ranked 1 & 2 in the supports shield race and both without key players who are off on World Cup duty. So in reality, this was a game of depth. Oh, did I mention that coming into this game, RSL had yet to lose a game in the 2014 season? Well to cut the story short, the Sounders FC proved how valuable RSL starting goal keeper (off on world cup duty) really is and defeated them 4-0.

Now to the photography. After shooting multiple MLS, NFL and even NCAA football games at CenturyLink Field, I have grown to love this venue….except when it’s hot outside during a MLS game. All but special occasions, CenturyLink Field is covered in astro turf. To their credit it’s a very high quality astro turf but when the Sounders FC play on the turf, the grounds crew water the heck out of the turf to slow the ball down to replicate the ball speed as if the teams were playing on natural grass. This is fine unless it’s warm enough to evaporate the water from the rubber turf surface causing heat waves. These heat waves play havoc on our auto focus systems creating soft images from about 30-40 yards out.

Have I bored you yet? Below are a few of my favorite (well, non soft keepers) from the game.





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